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The City Yard
The City Yard

The Street Department is a critical part of the City of Prosser.  They work to keep our streets safe and clean. They provide the city with satisfactory and safe motor vehicle transportation as well as adding to the adequate flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Some of the areas the Street Department maintains are the following:

  • Roadway
  • Roadside
  • Traffic control devices
  • Street signs
  • Pavement markings
  • Street lighting
  • Street cleaning
  • Parking facilities
  • Ice and snow removal

The City of Prosser has approximately 42 miles of streets, majority of them paved with asphalt pavement. The City of Prosser also owns and maintains 3 bridges: Wine Country Road Bridge, Grande Road Bridge, and Grant Street Bridge.


If you have questions about the streets or have items to report (lights out, signs down, potholes, debris in the roadway, etc.), feel free to contact the Public Works Department (509) 786-7300.