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All documents posted on this site are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF and require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software. To obtain a free copy of this software, visit http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and follow the download installation instructions.
Privacy Statement
The City of Prosser monitors overall site activity to ensure website users can access information in an effective manner. This monitoring allows us to continually improve our website to suit the user's needs. We collect the following information about visitors to our website:
  • The domain name, but not the email address.
  • The email addresses and content held within of those who communicate with us via email.
  • Combined information about which pages consumers access or visit.
  • Information volunteered through surveys, requests, and applications, including but not limited to home addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers.
The information we collect is used to improve the content of our web services and help us understand how our customers are using our services. City staff may analyze website logs to improve the value of information published on our site. The website logs are not personally identifiable and the City makes no attempt to link them with the individuals who browse our website. We respect the privacy of our users and we do not share or distribute any information received, especially for commercial uses as that is prohibited by RCW 42.17.260(9). However, the City of Prosser is subject to public disclosure laws for the State of Washington and as a result records generated and collected on this site are subject to possible disclosure.
Website Accessibility
The City of Prosser strives to provide a positive experience to all website visitors. If you are having difficulty using or accessing any page of this website, please contact us and we will work to provide the information you seek by another method. Website accessibility is an ongoing process and City of Prosser staff are continuously taking steps to make all content easily accessible according to all guidelines regarding web content accessibility.
Website Disclaimer
Due to the rapidly changing nature of the information on the internet pages, the City of Prosser cannot ensure 100% accuracy. The data provided is for informational purposes only and may not have been updated on the date you view it. The City of Prosser diligently works to provide our residents and visitors with updated information and reviews the content of the pages frequently. If you find information that is incorrect, please contact the site administrator through the feedback form provided on the website so the errors can be corrected.
Prosser Municipal Code
The City of Prosser's online municipal code is provided by Code Publishing Company. It is provided as a reference and may not contain all recent revisions. For questions, regarding recent ordinances please see the Clerk Department's webpage or contact our City Clerk at (509) 786-8218.
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