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Welcome to Kids Corner!!

Hi! My name is Rocky, Rocky Marmot to be exact. Did you know that some sources say the name Rocky means "battle cry", surprised? So was I, I thought it meant there were lots of rocks around. Let me tell you, the only battle cries I ever heard was when someone didn't want me to live with them. But I don't worry about that anymore because I've got the best home in the city and that's right here on this website!
I know many people are curious about me! Many people have stopped by or called City Hall trying to find out little bits of information but we've made them wait. Patience is not an easy thing, let me tell you I was getting a little tired of having to hide out and not be seen! But no more, I am here to stay and what better way to be seen and heard than with an interview! 
Click here to read my interview and learn a little more about me...Rocky!  
Check out the "CONTESTS and ACTIVITIES" link for the City Hall Staff's SPRING activities they have for you!
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