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Finance Department

The Finance Department handles all financial operations and the budget process for the City. Utility setup and billing questions can be answered by the staff members of the Finance Department. This department also addresses Human Resources, Personnel, and Risk Management for the City. The Finance Department is responsible for all fiscal activities of the City.  The Finance Department's mission is to provide the City with financial information and financial planning, maintain financial operations, provide continued improvement to existing financial systems and to maintain fiscal viability of the City as a whole. Below is a list of the  responsibilities the Finance Department provides in service to our customers and the citizens of Prosser.

  • Prepare and monitor budgetary and financial information.  This includes internal services; user rate analysis; revenue forecasting; preparation of operation and capital budget; analyzing optimal fund balances and reserve requirements; and preparing various City, state, and federal financial reports and analyses.
  • Provide Cash control, investment of City funds, and debt service payment processing.
  • Provide financing through issuance of bonds, Interfund loans, etc.
  • Provide financial record keeping including budgeting, accounting, reporting, audit assistance, grant accounting, ongoing balancing and control, and fixed asset control.
  • Process payroll, which includes federal and state reporting for taxes, retirement, and miscellaneous deduction.
  • Provides human resources services to assure effective recruitment, selection and retention of employees, and assures that policies, procedures and practices are implemented in a timely and equitable manner, in compliance with employment law.
  • Process vendor payments.
  • Administer utility billing for water, sewer, irrigation, and garbage, provide customer service, and manage delinquent accounts.
  • Local Improvement District (LID) records and payment management.
  • Responsible for Risk Management services including coordination of insurance claims and accident reports, claims for damages, as well as contract administration and project management.
  • Administer City's Accounts Receivable system.
  • Process payments for Utility Taxes.