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Public Works

The Public Works Department works hard for our community. They maintain our streets so they are nice to drive on. They make sure the parks are clean and safe so we can play there. They provide our city with safe drinking water and then they deal with the water we have used that goes into the sewer system. These are just a few things they do each and everyday for you. The next time you see a Public Works employee working around the community ask them about their job.  Maybe someday you will work with them to keep our city a "pleasant place with pleasant people." 
Here's some fun activities for you to do!
Time to Read the Meter! Help Rocky make his way through the streets of Prosser in this fun maze!
Word Search! Rocky needs to learn some basic words used everyday in the Public Works Department. Help him find those words in this word search.
Unscramble the Parks Puzzle! Rocky wants to go to the park to play but he doesn't know which one to go to. Can you help Rocky pick a park by unscrambling the park names.