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Building Department

 Introducing the City of Prosser Permitting Platform & Public Portal


After months of work the City of Prosser is happy to announce that Homeowners & Contractors now have a new platform to apply for any permit necessary for their project whether it is Building, Planning, Public Works, or Fire related.


From our new platform users will be able to apply for a permit, upload any necessary documentation for their project, review and respond to any questions or comments from the applicable department, pay any associated project or permit fees, and request inspections and view inspection results.


  • To begin the process of applying for your permit, you will need to visit the City of Prosser’s permitting portal by navigating to City of Prosser, WA Public Portal (smartgovcommunity.com)
  • Create a user account using your email address
  • Check your email inbox for your validation email and click the link to validate your account


Once you have completed these three simple steps you are now ready to begin the permitting process for your project.


The Building Department is responsible for the issuance of building permits, conducts inspections, and handles plan review. The Building Department's hours are Monday-Friday from 6:00am-3:00pm. To contact the Building Department you can call the direct line at (509) 786-8210. 


Adopted Codes: 

• 2021 Washington State Building Code
• 2021 Washington State Residential Code
• 2021 Washington State Existing Building Code
• 2021 Washington State Fire Code
• 2021 Washington State Mechanical Code
2021 Uniform Plumbing Code (with WA State amendments)
• 2017 ICC A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings & Facilities
• 2021 Washington State Energy Code



Design Criteria Design Criteria based on 2018 IBC / ASCE 7-16 


Snow Load Roof /Ground (Figure 1608.2) CS / 20psf,(min, roof live load is 20psf, also)
Basic Design Wind Speed (Fig. 1609)  ATC Hazards Map
- Risk Cat. I  95mph
- Risk Cat. II  100mph
- Risk Cat. III  105mph
- Risk Cat. IV  110mph
Exposure Category (1609.4) C
Seismic Design Category C FEMA Hazard Map
Weathering Severe 
Frost Line Depth 24 inches 
Termite Damage Slight to Moderate 
Decay Damage None 
Design Temperatures   
Mean Annual Design Temperature 50°F
Winter 11°F 
Summer 101°F
Summer Degree Range 30°F
Yearly Degree Average 53.9°F
Average # if Clear Days 225 (occurs primarily April 1 to Nov. 1)
Air Freezing Index 808
Elevation above sea level  661 feet