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Small Works Roster

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Rosters is the online shared Small Public Works Contractor Roster and Consultant Services Roster for local governments in Washington State, including the City of Prosser, to search for eligible Contractor and Consultant service providers by service category.
The City of Prosser will no longer maintain Small Works and Consultant rosters separate from those provided by MRSC.
For Contractors and Consultants
MRSC Rosters is a convenient and cost-effective way for marketing services to Agencies statewide through only one registration process.

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Register for the City's Roster by clicking on the links below

Operated by the not-for-profit Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington (MRSC) , the MRSC Rosters is a fee-based service for all participants charged annually; however Contractors and Consultants do have a free option to register for individual Agency rosters.
Additional Information
What is MRSC Rosters?
MRSC Rosters is an online database for Washington State local government agencies (cities, counties, school districts, and special districts) to solicit work from contractors eligible to bid on small public works projects (projects under $200,000) and to solicit work from consultants. As a shared roster system, MRSC Rosters provides agencies with access to a current contractor and consultant list, while at the same time allowing contractors and consultants the marketing advantage of reaching multiple agencies through just one roster application process.
Advantages of MRSC Rosters
  • Promotes efficiency in government
  • Provides a single application process for contractors/consultants
    to register with multiple agencies
  • Allows agencies to share costs
  • Reduces individual agency staffing needs
  • Provides access to a much larger pool of contractors/consultants
  • Allows ease of electronic search and notification
  • Provides more and lower bids from qualified contractors/consultants
How does it work?
1.    MRSC accepts and processes electronic applications from contractors and consultants and checks them for compliance with the new mandatory bidder responsibility criteria.
2.    Once a contractor/consultant is verified, their account is activated and participating agencies are able to search for a contractor/consultant by service category or alphabetical listing.
3.    After generating an email list of potential bidders, the agencies can send out requests for proposals.
4.    To fulfill Washington State statutory requirements, MRSC will advertise on behalf of all participating agencies in the Daily Journal of Commerce, indicating that they are using the MRSC Rosters.
Who is Involved?
There are now over 500 participating agencies. MRSC is marketing the MRSC Rosters throughout Washington State, with more agencies steadily joining.   

For assistance with the application process contact:

Taira Anderson
MRSC Rosters Coordinator
Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington
2601 Fourth Avenue, Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98121-1280
Phone: 206-625-1300, extension 105
Email: mrscrosters@mrsc.org

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Prosser!