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Clerk's Office

The Clerk's Office helps to support the Mayor and Council Members and serves the public.  The Clerk attends all the City Council meetings and keeps a record of what was said.  The Clerk maintains all the official documents of the City, like ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, and other legal papers.  The Clerk's Office also helps citizens with requests for city information. 
One important job for the Clerk's Office is the website!  The Clerk's Office has designed and maintains the website for most of the city departments.
Here are some more activities to help you learn what goes on in the Clerk's Office!
Clerk's Office Word Search! Help Rocky find all the words on the search list before the next Council Meeting! -Clerk's Office Word Search Solution-



City Clerk & Public Records Officer

Rachel Shaw | rshaw@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8218


Sr. Admin Assistant/Business Licensing

Kendall Murphey | kmurphey@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8227