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Building & Planning

Building houses and other structures is not easy. The Building Department reviews the plans and inspects buildings to make sure they are safe. They work with people to find solutions to fix problems with a building or good ways to improve a building.
The Planning Department works with the Building Department a lot of the times. The Planning Department helps the City figure out what kind of a city we will have in the future. They figure out good places for businesses to be and good places for houses to be built. These plans help us do things now that will lead us to the future city we want to be. By making good choices now, we can all enjoy a wonderful Prosser tomorrow. 
What kind of Prosser would you like to live in five years or ten years or TWENTY years? Draw us a picture and drop it by our offices. We are excited to see your ideas! Below is a link to help you get started. 



Community Development Director

Steve Zetz | szetz@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8212


Building Inspector

Nick Alsbury | nalsbury@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8210

Tara Clark | tclark@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8213