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The Finance Department helps many of the other City departments with tracking their money. We help them plan how to use their money so that later on they can build new buildings or repair streets and buy important things like police cars and dump trucks. We have to work very hard to decide what things are most important and make a budget each year so that we can buy the most important items. A budget is a report all cities in Washington are required to make each year.

Do you get an allowance or do you get paid for helping your parents or neighbors? The City’s budget is kind of like your allowance. We get money and then have to decide what we are going to do with the money we have. We save some for later and for big projects, we spend some on things we need now, and keep some for things we will need to get tomorrow.
You can track how you spend your money just like we do by using the check register below. Fill in boxes when you get money and when you spend it. By using the register you can watch how much money you  have made and what kinds of things you have spent it on. Remember it is always important to plan for the future, so think about saving up your money for bigger things down the road.



Finance/HR Director

Toni Yost | tyost@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8215


Assistant Finance Director

Elia Tzib | etzib@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-8230


Sr. Admin. Assistant / Utility Billing Clerk

Lindsay Bardessono | lbardessono@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-2332


Admin. Assistant/Cashier

Abigail Tellez | atellez@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-2332


Office Clerk/Cashier

Jordan Colson | jcolson@ci.prosser.wa.us | 509-786-2332