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Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Household hazardous waste (HHW) is comprised of products that contain chemicals that make them potentially dangerous to human health or the environment.


How do I identify HHW?

While it may not be simple to tell if a product is HHW, there are ways to figure it out. Check for labels on the product or on the original packaging. There may be a warning label or a disclaimer ("caution," "warning," or "danger"). If in doubt, please contact Basin Disposal, Inc. They will be happy to tell you if they can accept the waste or explain what other options are available.


What can I do with my HHW?

If there is a label on the product or original container, be sure to read it and follow any disposal instructions that are stated. Review any websites or instructions for disposal sites or options. If there are no other alternatives, the Benton County Public Works Department hosts free residential collection events for HHW a few times each year. Generally, these are offered in the spring and in the fall.


Why is HHW such a big issue?

Proper disposal of HHW is an important aspect of protecting human health and the environment. Due to the dangers of improper disposal, it is illegal in the State of Washington to place hazardous waste in the garbage, a landfill, or private or public property. HHW can harm humans that come into contact with it and it can leech chemicals into the soil that can work their way into the groundwater. Storm water runoff can carry contaminated material to new locations, as can exhaust or fumes from improperly incinerated material. We understand that most people would like to be rid of HHW as soon as they are able to, but please make sure this is in a safe and acceptable option.