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FREE Extra Garbage Pick Up Service


Basin Disposal provides a FREE residential pick up service. Free pick up service allows you to dispose of extra household waste curbside FREE OF CHARGE and with a weekly pick up schedule. Please follow these simple steps:


1. Fill your garbage can before placing any extra items next to where your garbage is normally picked up.


2. Cut down large objects like branches, carpet or other long items to 2' wide x 2' tall x 5' long and bundle for the driver to easily pick up.


3. Contain all extra items in bags, boxes or bundles with a maximum weight of 65 pounds and in a maximum garbage bag of 32 gallons.


4. Place furniture, appliances, boxes, bags and bundles a minimum of 3 feet from your garbage can for the separate extras truck to pick up. Set items out the night before your extras pick up day. (See image for example.)


5. The "EXTRAS" truck will pick up your extra garbage on Tuesday (if your regular garbage day is Tuesday or Wednesday) or Friday (if your regular garbage day is Thursday or Friday); appliances* will be picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. All extras/appliances are picked up separately from your ordinary garbage and may come at a different time of day then the regular garbage truck.


6. BDI will automatically pick up your extras on your designated day!



*Appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc. can also be picked up for FREE on Mondays and Thursdays, please read about the specifications for appliance pick ups here.