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Animal Control

The City of Prosser Community Service Officer asks you to do your part to improve the quality of Prosser by taking a few simple steps to insure you are in compliance with all Animal Control Ordinances. This would include:

• Maintaining an active license for your pet at all times and ensuring your pet wears the assigned tag in the event your dog is recovered by the Community Service Officer or another individual.
• Keeping your pet on your property at all times, unless leashed and under the direct control of a responsible person.
• Remembering to be mindful of your neighbors. While it may be in a dog’s nature to bark and having a good guard dog is always appreciated, it is also your duty to be considerate of your neighbors. This means not allowing your dog to bark constantly or in great quantities where it disrupts the peace of the neighborhood.


The Community Service Officer will be actively targeting specific zones in the City where Animal Control issues have been determined as a high area of concern. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the CSO at (509)786-1500 ext. 8211.


Please do your part to improve the quality of Prosser by following the steps we discussed. It will be much appreciated by everyone and won’t go unnoticed! Thank you for your attention to this matter.