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Snow Removal Procedures

The City of Prosser is always concerned with the safety and welfare of our citizens.  In order to keep our roads clear and safe we have Police Patrol and Public Works Crews on the streets continually monitoring the potential adverse weather conditions. Our procedures for the following conditions are listed below:

ICE: De-icer is applied to the streets (pre-treat) prior to an adverse weather condition (freezing rain) occurring. Sanding material will be applied if deemed necessary in several intersections.

SNOW: Wait until there is approximately 1” – 2” of accumulation, to start plowing the streets.

When plowing or sanding the streets, the Public Works Crew generally follows this route:

1. Class I: Emergency Service Areas: Hospital Routes/Area, Fire and Police Departments

2. Class II: School Routes/Area

3. Class III: Hills and Slopes, Primary Surface Streets

4. Class IV: Secondary Residential Streets

5. Areas Not Normally Covered (If Time and Resources Allow)