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Home Based Business (Includes Home Offices)

Many people do not know home-based businesses require business owners to apply for a Home Occupation Permit in addition to the General Business License.  Home Occupation Permits protect residential neighborhoods from commercial activities.  The primary purpose of a residential neighborhood is to provide living space and residential uses. 


There are two types of Home Occupation Permits. The type of permit is determined by a list of criteria established by the Prosser Municipal Code 18.75.060.  If you are thinking about opening a business and have questions about Home Occupation Permits, please call City Hall at (509) 786-8227 and we will be happy to assist you. 


Applications for Home Occupation Permits can be found online on our Forms & Publications page. There may be an application fee of $100 that must be paid at the time of application (depending on type of business). Businesses that operate out of residences (even just home offices) are required to apply for a Home Occupation Permit before any business licenses can be approved.