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Housing Action Plan

The City of Prosser received a grant from the WA State Department of Commerce to assess current and future housing needs and to identify actions and strategies to help the City provide a wider range of housing options available to all income levels. We have prepared a Housing Needs Assessment and a draft Housing Action Plan that contains strategies and actions to address Prosser’s housing needs.


What is a Housing Action Plan?

A Housing Action Plan (HAP) is a guidebook that provides the City of Prosser with strategies and actions to help address its housing challenges. The intent of the HAP is to provide tools that can aid in the creation of a well-balanced housing market, one that supports residents with a wide range of housing needs. We develop strategies and actions based on the guidance of stakeholders, community members, research collected in the Housing Needs Assessment (HNA), and best practices from other growing communities. The HAP is an opportunity for the City of Prosser to take a pulse on what is happening in the community in terms of access to and affordability of housing. The result of the HAP is a set of tools that can help policy makers and elected officials make informed decisions about planning for the future.


Upcoming Meetings

  • Public Hearing regarding HAP - Tuesday, April 25
  • City Council vote to consider adoption of final HAP – Tuesday, May 9


Draft Strategies and Actions that Could Implement Each Strategy
On this website, you will find the final Housing Needs Assessment and draft Housing Action Plan in the sidebar. You can find and comment on those documents on the web at the links in the sidebar of this website.

Don’t have time to read the whole draft HAP? No problem! You can find the four broad strategies and the actions that implement them in the tabs below.