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Fire Code



The City of Prosser Building Department is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) within the city limits of Prosser for Fire Code Compliance including education, plan review, permitting, and inspection.

The Building Department is responsible for ensuring both existing businesses and new construction are in compliance with the International Fire Code (IFC) as well as the supplemental NFPA codes which are referenced within the IFC.




The Building Department issues both Operational & Construction permits as outlined in IFC Section 105. Examples include, but are not limited to Firework Display Permits, Storage of Flammable or Hazardous Materials, Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning, Special Event/Assembly, Commercial Cooking Equipment, Fire Alarms Systems, and Fire Sprinkler Systems. Applications can either be filled out and submitted in person at Prosser City Hall, or online.  For a complete list of construction or operations which require a permit click here


Plan Review


To submit an application for Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, and other items which require a construction permit as specified in the IFC, the applicant can apply online at the City of Prosser's Online Permitting Portal.

Special Events or gatherings as outlined in the IFC also require an application & site plan showing the event location, temporary structures used for the event, and any other applicable details which will help the building department better understand how the event will be conducted.

Most plan reviews for projects or events can be completed within 14 days. If circumstances arise which may extend the typical plan review time, the Building Department will notify the applicant that the plan review process will take longer than anticipated.


Fire & Life Safety Inspections


Fire & Life Safety Inspections are required by both the IFC and NFPA 101 for all commercial establishments.


The NFPA provides different frequencies of inspections for commercial establishments depending on whether it is classified as Low, Medium, or High-Hazard per the IFC/NFPA. However, the Washington Surveying & Rating Bureau (WSRB) requires all commercial establishments receive a fire & life safety inspection on an annual basis.

During these inspections building department staff will conduct an on-site visit to the business and verify that the business is in compliance with the IFC & NFPA.


Common violations include expired or missing extinguishers, non-functioning exit lighting, obstructed breaker panels, missing outlet or switch covers, etc. For more in depth information on Fire & Life Safety inspections click here