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Planning a Special Event

Special Event Permit

If you are planning a special event that will take place on a public street, sidewalk, park or other public place in Prosser, you may need to apply for a special event permit. 


"Special Event” means a temporary activity, carnival, parade, assembly, procession, block party, fun-run, roadway foot races, community-sponsored activity, art and craft fairs or other similar function that is conducted wholly or partly on public property or any event on private property that involves an open invitation to the public. An “open invitation to the public” includes, but is not limited to, events for which admission requires a ticket. “Special event” excludes functions conducted on property where outdoor functions have been permitted after having gone through site review pursuant to Section 18.75.040 of the PMC, where such function is consistent in scope with the approval obtained by site review. (PMC 5.30.010)

For more information and application process and requirement click  HERE (PMC 5.30.020)


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