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Climate Element Project

House Bill (HB) 1181, signed into law in 2023, requires Washington's cities and counties to use their comprehensive plan to build community resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. It includes two sub-elements:

    • A GHG emissions Reduction sub-element
    • A Resilience sub-element

The most important points in the GHG Reduction sub-element:

    • Reduce GHG emissions generated by transportation and land use;
    • Reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled; and
    • Prioritize reductions that benefit overburdened communities to maximize the co-benefits of reduced air pollution and environmental justice.

Most important points in the Resilience sub-element:

    • Address climate-exacerbated natural hazards;
    • Identify, protect, and enhance natural areas;
    • Identify, protect, and enhance community resilience, including social, economic, and built-environment factors that support climate adaptation consistent with environmental justice.