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Crime Free Rental Housing & Inspection Program

What is the Crime Free Rental Housing & Inspection Program (CFRHIP)?

July 1st, 2012 the City of Prosser's Crime Free Rental Housing and Inspection Program (CFRHIP) was enacted. The purpose of the CFRHIP is to create better, safer, and crime-free rental housing within the City limits of Prosser. The expectation is that by enacting a CFRHIP it will benefit not only the tenants, but also the landlords/property managers, neighboring property owners, and the citizens as a whole.

The City of Prosser is taking a two sided approach to the program by building the program with joint efforts from the Prosser Police Department as well as the Prosser Building Department by working more closely with the community. The program will provide information, training, assistance, and inspections to help better the conditions at rental properties. The program will provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property, and welfare by regulating use and occupancy, location, and maintenance of housing.


The CFRHIP applies to all rental properties located within the City limits of Prosser, including but not limited to single family rentals, duplex, tri-plex, four-plex, as well as, multi-family apartment complexes.

The Prosser Police Department wanted to remind residents of the Crime Free Rental Program the city has established for all rental properties.  All rental property owners are required to have a rental license issued by the city, as well as an inspection of their rental property by the building department. The Crime Free Rental Program is voluntary, but if a property owner has two or more violations at the same property, or a different property the program becomes mandatory.

If the police are called to a rental property and a crime has been committed on or near the property, a Crime Free Rental Housing Violation will be sent to the landlord or manager regarding the violation.  The landlord or manager has the responsibility to contact the renter and provide proof that the problem has been rectified to the satisfaction of the police department.  If a landlord or manager fails to deal with two or more violations, the city will move forward on suspending the rental license until the problem has been fixed.

If there is a landlord or a manager of rental properties interested in the Crime Free Rental Housing Program, or would like to attend a free class, can contact Community Service Officer Pablo Olivera 786-1500 ext. 8211.  CSO Olivera can also be contacted via email at polivera@ci.prosser.wa.us.

Rental Application, Checklists, & Forms

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*NOTE* All applications and fees are to be submitted to Prosser City Hall.
Prosser City Hall
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